The founding fathers of the digital world, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos, the great among them, made fashionable a leadership style that tolerated no dissent and took no prisoners. Bezos, according to his biographer, ‘abhors…what he calls social cohesion, the natural impulse to seek consensus’, epitomising a leadership style that celebrates conflict, disruption and domination as virtues and signs of limitless creativity and advancement.
In his debut book Hit Refresh, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella blends autobiography, biography of the company and techno futurism, but ethos, empathy, empowerment and democratisation are its keywords. Nadella is protagonist and observer of three transformations that the book is about. The first is his personal journey, the second transformation that he leads is of Microsoft, from being a desktop- era entity to aiming for the cloud, the third transformation is of computing technology, which will soon overcome the existing limits of physics and chemistry.

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